[thelist] FAQ Questions

Jay Blanchard jblanchard at pocket.com
Wed Apr 19 13:17:10 CDT 2006

I am not sure what the FAQ rant said, but I don't really like you
implementation. The concept is cool, but I am not so sure about the

First, in Firefox, all I get is the I-bar when I mouse over each
This provides no indication that I should click on anything. Can this be
changed to the little hand-pointer-link cursor?

Done. Once I figured out that there was a weird quirk with Mozilla v IE
(go figure).

Second, as soon as I disable javascript, the FAQ does not work anymore.
do have something that detects this and produces a straight FAQ pages,
it is really hard to make out the questions from the answers.

Yep, but other than developers (such as yourself) I do not anticipate
that JavaScript will be turned off. If it is there are other things too.
I think that we have moved beyond this for this most part, though I can
remember the rants a couple of years ago.

Third, there is no way of closing a question once I am done with it.
one just seems odd to me. The other thing that just seems odd is the
that all the answers open in the same size box regardless of the length
the answer.

Quirks of the javascript being used. This can be remedied with a little
further research and hacking.

I have no idea if any of these problems may be the root of your 'suits'
complaints. Interesting idea though.

More of a traditionalist approach, not the actions of this. I have
thought of some other ways to handle the FAQ issue too....I may have to
set up an experiments in FAQ's page.

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