[thelist] backend process replacement

Marshall Wood donkieonthehead at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 14:49:36 CDT 2006

Hello everyone,

I'm new on the list, a frequent visitor to the archives but decided to take
the plunge and post hopefully something that will add value.

I'm in the process of reevaluating some of the older backend processes that
we have on our site.  The processes most move data from our backend
systems(DB2) to our web systems(MySQL5), and they move varying amounts of
data.  One of the trouble spots comes with a tracking system for inventory.
There is basically 300k row of data that could have some movement on it,
while the other 2m rows are static.  Most of the backend processes are Perl
scripts that have served their purpose, and we are looking to do in some
other technology.  Currently the two technologies we are looking to employ
are C++ or Java, we have developers who do both, and are willing to do the
project.  However before I give anyone a green light I am looking for other
ideas or options to consider.

Here is what I have been considering.

Shell/FlatFile/Stored Procedure (I dont know much in detail about that type
Perl (updating, optimizing code)

If anyone has any ideas, comments, war stories or something to add that
would be great.

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