[thelist] programming info

Chris Johnston fuzzylizard at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 18:23:11 CDT 2006

One thing that I would suggest and that has worked for me is to take those
programs that you copy out of the book or off the web and play with them.
Get the correct version working, then back that copy up, through away the
book and start playing with the code. Change the variables, change the for
loop conditions, try to morph the code into something else. This will give
you a starting point and as you play it will force you to fully understand
what is in the code and what the code actually does.

As an aside, coding is not for everyone and not everyone can code. Maybe you
fall into this category? Any particular reason why you want to learn to
code? I would love to be able to solve and create mathematical theorems, but
I hit the same brick wall--I just don't see the answers. So, I learn what I
can and resign myself to the fact that I am not a mathematician.


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