[thelist] What would you like to see in a resource site?

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 19:56:18 CDT 2006

If the boss wants this project to be secret, for now, what does that imply?

It might mean that he expects a lot of resistance.

Or that he doesn't want to spend the money to give the users what they
request, he just wants to give them what fits his budget.

Or that he feels the project is doomed, so he's dumping it on you, you make
some attempt to do something, it displeases everyone, so he can say, "See, I
told you it was a bad idea." and you get left holding the empty bag.

Or he doesn't like the idea of empowering employess to take initiative and
have resources available for autonomous activity.

What a dilemma. Hope you resolve this issue to your ultimate benefit. Ian
Anderson has given you some very good direction.

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