[thelist] Display is almost Perfect Between Firefox and IE

Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Thu Apr 20 00:10:15 CDT 2006


I tried to resend with the mentioned demo code earlier, must have been 
eaten by the mail server, oh well.

Here is the link for the code instead:


Again, what I am trying to accomplish is sync up FireFox and IE so they 
look the same. Currently FireFox looks like this for the selected "tab":

      ___| Tab Name |___

IE has a line under the div which contains the "active" tab text. IE 
does not allow (or Firefox shouldn't allow) pushing subordinate divs 
around so that you can cover borders of a container div. Making breaks 
in the board "on-the-fly" so to speak.

I'm really happy with the results so far with only Divs and CSS - no 
obnoxious css hacks or html hacks, so far. You should have seen the 
table layout used to do the same thing! Triple yuck!

Anyway - any help, pointers or BBQ recipes would be greatly appreciated.

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