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M. Seyon evoltlist at delime.com
Thu Apr 20 08:58:46 CDT 2006

Message from Jay Blanchard (4/19/2006 08:38 PM)

>Am I missing something?
>Thus far the suit has won, but a higher suit will trump that is why you
>are seeing what you are seeing. To see the other version
>http://www.pocket.com/foo/faqCOOL.php (pockettest, pockettest)


I have to say I don't like it much.

Other than the issues already mentioned, why can't I see the answer to more 
than one question at a time?

I also think the colour scheme complicates the page - the yellow background 
on the question morphing to pink. Seems a bit overdone.

To me a more effective enhancement to a FAQ would have been to make it 


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