[thelist] HTML Structures page for book

Rickards, Julian (NDM) julian.rickards at ndm.gov.on.ca
Thu Apr 20 09:31:10 CDT 2006


I am preparing to write another book on creating Web pages using Dreamweaver: the book will be directly marketed to colleges, universities and art/design schools. I have convinced my publisher that it must teach according to Web standards.

To speed things up, we are looking for existing pages/sites that, with appropriate permission, we can use rather than trying to create design on our own. This also falls into my philosophy of teaching: "Real world, not Hello world". We could use Lorem ipsum text but of what value would that be if the reader can't see how HTML is being used on real text. We have pages/sites for most of the chapters but this one is tricky.

We are looking for a single page with many of the standard HTML structures in it such as paragraphs (obvious), headings, abbreviation/acronym, ordered/unordered list, quote, cite, blockquote, strong/emphasis and any other structures. I have found that many blog posts tend to use a lot of these structures such as ordered list for comments, unordered list for navbar (and post content), headings, blockquotes and quotes in comments, etc. so if anyone has a blog page that they would like to submit, that would be great (there may even be some money for you but that is my publisher's decision, not mine).

Given that the chapter is not about CSS or JavaScript, I would prefer that there not be too many DIVs or IDs (but some are fine).

Preferably, I would like the content to be non-technical in nature but if the submission is good, I won't hold it back for that reason.

Many thanks in advance for your submissions: if you wish to contact me directly, use julian [at] jrickards [dot] ca.


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