[thelist] SQL ORDER BY

Tab Alleman talleman at Lumpsum.com
Thu Apr 20 14:01:07 CDT 2006

Well if your database is MS SQL Server, you can do this neat little trick:

	WHEN 'open' THEN 0
	WHEN 'close' THEN 1
	WHEN 'suspended' THEN 2

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> To the best of my knowledge, the only options for Order by is 
> Ascending or Descending. The only way I can think of to do 
> what you want is to have three queries and use the WHERE 
> Class=Open (Close and Suspended) as the separation of the 
> three classes but that will result in all of Class=Open 
> followed by all Class=Close followed by all Class=Suspended. 
> If this meets your needs, it might be something to consider.
> The other possibility is to possibly modify the data so that 
> Open is changed to 1Open, Close to 2Close and Suspended to 
> 3Suspended and this will solve the order by issue immediately.
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> In asp when you do a Select statement - is there anyway to 
> have it ORDER BY specific words in a column?  
> In the class column it says Open or Close or Suspended.  With 
> a Select statement can I tell it to ORDER BY Class  - Open 
> then Close then Suspended?
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