[thelist] emailing reports of 404 errors to myself

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Thu Apr 20 18:16:11 CDT 2006

As I remember it in CF, somewhat annoyingly, the script_name cgi var on a 
page is the 404 page, not the missing page.

In some ways this makes sense.

How about an XHR call to a CF script, sending what javascript thinks is the
location.href in the URL param.  You won't get any search engines hitting
your 404 email, which might be good or bad, depending.

<tip type="Email: error notification" authror="Chris Hayes">
Whan sending yourself autogenerated email notifications of errors,  use a
special email address.

This could save any useful address you have from being innundated after a
minor mistake.

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> I'm running a site in ColdFusion that contains a lot of documents (doc,
> pdf, xls, ppt, etc). I'd like to set up a 404 notifier, so that every
> time a ColdFusion page or other file that doesn't exist is requested, I
> receive an email with the details. The closest I've been able to come to
> this is setting up a custom 404 in ColdFusion, and using it to email me
> the referrer, so that at least I know where the broken link is. Is
> there a better/easier way to do this, something that doesn't require
> looking through log files to find 404 errors?
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