[thelist] MySQL: from lookup tables to flat table

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Fri Apr 21 05:42:23 CDT 2006

Brooking, John scribeva in 20/04/2006 13:56:
> I don't see how this can be done in a pure SQL query, at least without
> putting an upper limit on the number of fields and types that can be
> associated, and maybe not then.

Thanks, this helps: I thought I was just too tired to see the solution 
to this, but the solutin actually doesn't exist... phew :-)

> I would just resort to a procedural language

I think that'll be the way, even though:

Matt Warden scribeva in 20/04/2006 0:40:
> http://r937.com/sqlate.cfm 
> Look for "Rows to columns (another "crosstab" report)"

gave me ideas of using CASE, as the numbers of types and fields are 
know, but I guess it wouldn't be worth the trouble - a quite simple PHP 
script will do the thing for me.


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