[thelist] Server2Server Communication

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Fri Apr 21 07:53:44 CDT 2006

Johnson Borja See wrote:

> 1. When the user press the submit button on the order form from the 
> ecommerce website (which in this context is also the requesting server, 
> or merchant server), the merchant server sends a initialisation request 
> to the recipient server (a payment gateway) using the format specified 
> by the gateway.

> 4. I've done step 1, send initialisation request to the payment gateway 
> using a redirect command

As you've discovered, that's *not* what step 1 means. You need to

1) parse the form data,
2) format it into the query the payment gateway expects,
3) open a connection to that gateway
4) send the query
5) parse the response
6) return a "so sorry" page of your own or a redirect to the CC form
   depending on the response.

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