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Subject: [SPAM] [thelist] asp  LOGIC QUESTION

> I have a sql record set that contains 12 uids. For each UID I want to go 
> the servie table and return the services that are under this catagory's ID
> Once I get the list of services I want to dynamically build the html for 
> display..
> The problem is this: I can loop through the catagory recoredset and find 
> the services per uid I just am stuck on how to create a dynaic unique
> variable name to hold teh html for each service list.

Not exactly sure what you are asking here, but if you need a unigue "name" for each select tag, why not use the UID or Name of the category?

e.g. "sb_Services_<CategoryID/Name>" 

or something like that.

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