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		Hi Brian,

   I think you'll find GetRows and GetString to be extremely helpful.  You don't have to manipulate slow, clumsy recordsets, and if you format the results correctly, you might be able to avoid doing any string concatenation at all.





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I have a sql record set that contains 12 uids. For each UID I want to go 
the servie table and return the services that are under this catagory's ID

Once I get the list of services I want to dynamically build the html for 

The problem is this: I can loop through the catagory recoredset and find 
the services per uid I just am stuck on how to create a dynaic unique
variable name to hold teh html for each service list.

The ASP code:

While Not rsCatagoryList.EOF
Set rsServiceList = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
strSQL1 = "Select * from Services where catagoryid = " & "'" & 
mid(rsCatagoryList("ID"),2,36) & "'" & " order by name "
rsServiceList.Open strSQL1, ResourceCatalogDBConn

While Not rsServiceList.EOF
ServiceListHTML = "<-- Choose One -->"
ServiceListHTML = ServiceListHTML1 & "" & rsCatagoryList("Name") & ""


The HTML Code:

Activities / 

any help will be appreciated, thanks

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