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First thing to try is to replace the \r\n linebreaks with just \n which is
against the RFC but apparently some Unix agents may add the \r (CR) causing
\r\r\n (there is a note about this here

If that doesn't work try this:

if (!mail($toemail, $thesubject, $themessage, $normals))	die ('Mail
is not being sent!);

This will at least tell you if the mail is leaving the server



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Hi there. I have a contact form that sends an email via PHP mail().

It all works well, but for some reason it is not going to a few email
addresses (different domains)... And the domains are all on the same
server... But the trick is that some other domains on the same server

This very email address does not receive the email message.

Can anyone rush an eye over this code and tell me if I am missing something
simple??? Thanks in advance...


		  if(isset($_POST["feedback_submit"])) {		

		  	//change this here Justin...

			$toemail = "justin at jazzmanagement.com.au" ;  


			$thesubject = "Contact Made" ;

			$normals = "From: ".$_POST[fname]."
".$_POST[sname]." <".$_POST[email].">";

			$normals .="\r\n";

			$normals .= "Reply-To: ".$_POST[email];

			$headers .= "\r\n";

			$headers .= "X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion();

			$themessage = "

Name: $_POST[fname] $_POST[sname] 

Email: $_POST[email] 

Phone: $_POST[phone] 





		 mail($toemail, $thesubject, $themessage, $normals); ?>

        <p>Thanks <?php echo $_POST[fname];?>, your feedback has been sent
and we will contact you shortly.</p>

        <?php }




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