[thelist] photogalleries

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Sun Apr 23 08:10:26 CDT 2006

I haven't had to put a photo gallery on a site for a few years now, but I
have started to get enquires for new villas again and they all want photo
galleries to show off their villas and gardens. I used to use a dhtml
slideshow which would merge the photos one by one when you clicked on the
next button. I was wondering what people use or prefer these days. I would
rather avoid flash but if anyone has any suggestions and if there is a
script available either free or to purchase I would be grateful to look at
those too. Or suggestions of sites that have great photo galleries to look
at for inspiration would also be much appreciated.


It would be advantageous if the gallery was able to be updated by someone
who is not html savvy.





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