[thelist] Tip: surfing the web on your phone

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Sun Apr 23 10:22:12 CDT 2006

Jan Brasna wrote:
>> Google are trialling a new service that allows you to surf the web more 
>> easily and productively from your mobile phone.
> I've been using this for maybe a year or more, but actually don't like 
> it, Opera Mini is serving better.

Interesting - what are the differences that make it better for you?

I think the exciting thing about this is that it cleans up the pages 
independent of the actual web client you're using.

For naive users - the majority of those owning such devices, I'll wager 
- the option of downloading and using an alternate browser is not easy 
or simple. Many users won't even know they can.

I myself am very new to Symbian 60, having just owned my first 
smartphone (a Nokia N70) for a couple of weeks. I went to download opera 
and did so, but then couldn't see how to install the browser on my phone.

So, for many people, the fact that Google makes it easier and more 
efficient to browse the web on a mobile device is quite significant, in 
my opinion.

The other interesting thing about this is being able to check (to some 
degree) how your site looks to mobile users without needing the device 
in your hand.

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