[thelist] Tip: surfing the web on your phone

Jan Brasna discuss at alphanumeric.cz
Sun Apr 23 14:13:04 CDT 2006

> Interesting - what are the differences that make it better for you?

For me the Google's interpretation is weird. No formatting, no 
indentation and spacing, weirdly paged... Good for oldskool WAP/WML phone.

> I think the exciting thing about this is that it cleans up the pages 
> independent of the actual web client you're using.

Then you have to consider Google's view as an addition "client".

> For naive users - the majority of those owning such devices, I'll wager 
> - the option of downloading and using an alternate browser is not easy 
> or simple. Many users won't even know they can.

I got my N70 with Opera preinstalled and Opera Mini available by SMS 
request from my carrier.

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