[thelist] Tip: surfing the web on your phone

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Sun Apr 23 14:59:00 CDT 2006

Jan Brasna wrote:

> I got my N70 with Opera preinstalled and Opera Mini available by SMS
>  request from my carrier.

Gosh - I haven't heard of any other ISP supplying Opera preloaded on the 
N70. I am pretty sure there are none in the UK, or I suspect I would 
have come across the fact in my presales research. My provider, Orange, 
is the largest UK network, I believe.

Has anyone any success using media types to supply different CSS to such 
devices? Is this possible?

Also, Google are sniffing for these devices on the canonical domain and 
redirecting to /xhtml - anyone know what they're sniffing for in particular?

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