[thelist] Updating multiple row forms

Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Mon Apr 24 03:55:09 CDT 2006


I am trying to write a PHP script to update multiple rows of a form.  Say I
am wanting to edit the time and date of a sports draw.  I am using a form to
print out all of the rows of data (say all of the matches), then I want to
edit all of the form entries together, updating them with a single submit.

I am using the following script fragment:

echo  '<form method="post" action="editdraw_multi_rows.php"><tr>';
echo    '<input type="hidden" name="match_id['.$draw_row_id.']"
echo    '<input name="date['.$draw_row_id.']" type="text"
id="date['.$draw_row_id.']" size="5" value="'.$row[2].'">';
echo    '</div></td>';
echo    '<td><div align="center">';
echo      '<input name="time['.$draw_row_id.']" type="text"
id="time['.$draw_row_id.']" size="5" value="'.$row[3].'">';

This form is populated from a mysql fetch array query, so that each time a
new row of data is used.  What I think I am trying to achieve is that each
time the loop runs, a new name is given to the form input.  e.g. date1,
time1; date2, time2; date3, time3 etc.  I found a script that was doing
something similar on the net, but I don't understand the '<input
name="time['.$draw_row_id.']" construct.  What are the two periods either
side of the $draw_row_id?  Also, the braces suggest that I am accessing
elements  of the array rather than modifying the element name.

Also, when I read back these variabls from the POST method I am using the
$time=$HTTP_POST_VARS['time'][$id]; Again, I am hoping this will change on
each cycle of the loop e.g. $time=$HTTP_POST_VAR['time1']; on the first
pass, $date=$HTTP_POST_VARS['time2']; on the second pass etc.  Again, I
can't find the $time=$HTTP_POST_VARS['time'][$id]; construct defined

Hoping someone can help, and that I have defined my problem clearly enough.

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