[thelist] PHP Database Connection Problems

Tony Grimes thelist at tonygrimes.com
Mon Apr 24 11:34:27 CDT 2006

Hi everybody,

My sys admin installed an update to H-Sphere on my server last week and now
I'm having the weirdest connection problems between PHP and PostgreSQL.
Whenever PHP tries to UPDATE or DELETE a row, PHP just quits and returns a
blank page. It returns no errors and otherwise gives no indication of what
happened. It's as if PHP exited the script. Has anyone seen anything like

Through extensive testing, here's what I've figured out so far:

- Rows update and delete fine when I execute the SQL from the command line
using psql, so I think the problem is with PHP.

- It doesn't matter if I connect directly or via PEAR::DB

- phpPgAdmin experiences the same problems, even when I enter the sql via
the 'SQL' link in the banner. This tells me there's definitely something
wrong with PHP and not my apps.

- In almost all cases, the database change is not made before PHP quits. The
only exception is when I browse to a row and delete it in phpPgAdmin. It
still asks me to confirm the deletion, but when I click yes, it deletes the
row and returns a blank page within the frame.

- In all cases, PHP performs fine until it executes the sql and then it
exits or quits without error.

- If I mistype the name of a column or table, the db still returns with a
'relation not found' error.

This has been driving us up the wall and H-Sphere support has been no help
at all. If anyone has any idea why this is happening or how I can fix it, I
will be in your debt.

Thanks in advance,


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