[thelist] PHP output capture

A Binesh a_binesh at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 25 19:22:57 CDT 2006

I have creatd a website where I call my ccxml app from a PHP file using 

. $caller_phone . "&CallID=" . $insid . "&Time=" . $stime . "");

I then get the word "success" in the top left hand corner of my page. having 
done this I want to return to the page that called this CCXML app. How would 
I do this. I have the session ID before
calling the above URL.
  I do not have access to the page I am calling so I cannot incorporate any 
code in there. Rather,I would need to capture the output from the CCXMl 
page, then refresh the page I am calling it from.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Alex

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