[thelist] CSS - specific SPAN width problem

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Wed Apr 26 08:45:18 CDT 2006

Ok, thanks for the help and advice. It works now. There is only one  
tiny issue, which remains: The 1px border which continues between box  
and triangle. In principal the triangle should superpose by one pixel  
this part of the border, so that the interior space is homogenous. I  
tried to adjust the layering order by using the z-index, but it  
didn't work. Does anyone has an idea?

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Thank you very much for your help!!


> On 4/26/06, Stefan Schwarzer <st.schwarzer at geois.de> wrote:
>> So, I used your suggestion and tuned it as much as I could... only to
>> realize that the border of the tag will not stop above the triangle,
>> but - naturally - below.
> In that case move the border on to the a tag instead of the li tag
> #nav-menu li.selected a {
>  border: 0.1em solid #00115a;
> }
> ben

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