[thelist] Weird font size difference in FF on OSX

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Wed Apr 26 18:28:33 CDT 2006

On 06/04/25 18:49 (GMT-0400) Stuart Young apparently typed:

> Any font size detectives out there that can solve this one?

> I recently had an argument with a designer who sub-contracted me to do the
> HTML/CSS for her design.

> She asked me to reduce the font size. So I did. A week later, exasperated
> she gets back to me "why haven't you reduced the font size?" I have, I told
> her. "It looks the same on my computer" she says. Aha, lets solve that I
> thought.

> 1. She cleared her cache to make sure she was seeing the upto date CSS file.
> 2. She made sure her font size settings were normal, (she went View -> Text
> Size -> Normal in Firefox)

Make sure the charset she's checking settings on hasn't been changed to
something other than Western.

> 3. Her Firefox base font size is the default setting of Times/Times New
> Roman 16 pt. (the Content tab in Firefox Options/Preferences).

That's _not_ 16pt, it's 16px. Firefox defaults are always in px. If her
browser DPI is 72, then 16pt & 16px would be the same size, but most
likely FF is running at 96 DPI.

> 4. She has not applied any changes from default font size settings at the OS
> level, (e.g. for accessibility/poor vision) and indeed couldn't find any way
> to do this using her OS.

> She is using Firefox 1.0.6 on Mac OS 10.4.4.

> I have looked in: Firefox on Mac OS 10.2 and Firefox on Win
> XP and the font is as intended in those, but for some reason the font in
> her's is one size larger.

How exactly were you able to determine her's is larger?

> Any ideas? Did the font size on Firefox on a Mac decrease between 1.0.6 and
> 1.5???

Should be no different, but that's easily ruled out with an upgrade to
the newer version without the known security flaws 1.0.6 has.

> By the way, the site is:
> http://tinyurl.com/p4uk3

Both directly and via http://www.snugtech.com/safaritest/ I looked at
these pages and your CSS to try to guess:

It seems to me that your 10.2 and her 10.4.4 likely have a slight
difference in installed fonts, leading to you seeing the diminuitive
Garamond while she's seeing the slightly larger Times New Roman, or
maybe her seeing the larger New York while you're seeing the smaller
Times or Garamond.
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