[thelist] Weird font size difference in FF on OSX

Stuart Young drstuey at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 20:53:05 CDT 2006

thanks for your replies,

>..or does she mean the font size used in images?

No, definately the text.

> Have you actually seen the site on her computer?
> Perhaps you could get her to send you a screen shot if not.

No you're right, I haven't - she has seen screenshots of what I see, but I
haven't seen what she sees.

> How exactly were you able to determine her's is larger?

Aha, you may have a point, the only reason I know that the text is "larger"
is because she says that it is, and that if she reduces the font size in
Firefox (either through View -> Text Size -> Decrease, or through reducing
the base font size from 16 to 14 in the Content tab in Options/Preferences)
then the website appears "as she intended".

It sure looks like the problem is...

> a difference in installed fonts, leading to you seeing the diminuitive
> Garamond while she's seeing the slightly larger Times New Roman, or
> maybe her seeing the larger New York while you're seeing the smaller
> Times or Garamond.

This is likely because she has the uncommon fonts on her computer because
she is the designer that designed the thing. I just have normal consumer
computer fonts installed.

thanks again.

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