[thelist] How to avoid dotted border for <a> elements

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Thu Apr 27 14:28:52 CDT 2006

Christian Heilmann wrote:

> You blur the link via javascript, that gets rid of it. However, the
> dotted border is a usability enhancement, and if a user wanted to get
> rid of it, he could.

Yup, +1 on this. You're talking about the focus rectangle which is the 
only visual feedback that a keyboard-only user, such as some people with 
disabilities, has for which link they are about to activate as they tab 

It would be a very bad thing to get rid of this, and could open your 
company or your client to legal action for disability discrimination 
depending on your local laws and the site in question.

Getting rid of it hurts real people for no especially worthwhile reason.

Hope this helps



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