[thelist] Uncaching content

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Thu Apr 27 15:05:03 CDT 2006

Quoth "Lee kowalkowski" <lee.kowalkowski at googlemail.com>
> [/me]
> > Do I really have to generate an infinite
> > series of new names instead?
> That's one way, if you find this works when generating the new file
> names on the server, then you haven't got a caching problem in the
> first place.  How did receive the HTML document with the references to
> the new file names?  Or have you managed to prevent caching of your
> HTML, but not your images?

I get the impression that the HTML may have been cached; the images
definitely were.  Had one that kept showing up on my wife's iBook a
full week after it was deleted.  The entire web page was rewritten from
scratch in the meantime, too; only the file name for the image was reused.

> > Don't-cache-this tips I've tried so far:
> >  Cache-Control: no-store  <!-- http header sent by PHP -->
> Hmm, just checking, does this appear when you do a "View Source"?  If
> so, it's not a HTTP header, it's in the HTTP response body.

Understood; it's now a PHP ' header:("Cache-Control: proxy-revalidate"); '

> Well what caching directives have you specified for the IMAGES?  I've
> only seen directives in the HTML( & perhaps the PHP).

Ooh, how does one do that?!  (Looking into your 'suggested reading' now)

In the meantime, the grand experiment has been written up as a tutorial
for PHP newbies (I'm always looking for projects that are small enough
to be described in some detail, yet complex enough to be interesting;
more than a mere "Hello World" anyway):


Criticism welcome, but please don't flame the use of tables and frames.
The lessons on migrating us old dogs to CSS are still in the works. :)

Thanks again!

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