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:  Hi all,
:  I have about 375 names in a MS Access table complete with email
:  addresses
:  and permission to contact people. Each person has checked one or more
:  of
:  about 20 areas of interest on a site, collected into MySQL, and
:  downloaded.
:  Running a query and getting the results is no problem.
:  What I want to do is to create a form, write a message, and send them
:  an
:  email. I have seen programs that do this for $500 but I may want to
:  distribute the program to others.
:  Doing this thru Access would allow non-technical types to run it. Does
:  anyone know of an Access program that does this?


Off the top of my head, I don't know of any programs that do this.

However, your requirements amount to:
a) a single form
b) a single query
c) a few lines of VBA that would merge the message entered in the form,
create an email message for each result returned by the query, and send an
email somehow.

Probably less than a day's work for an Access programmer, provided they had a
good set of specifications. Quick google search indicates a couple of hits,
and a product that sells for $30 that claims to be able to do this. Obviously
if you want to redistribute it, you'd need to licence it appropriately. Might
be easier to write your own to avoid the licensing issues.


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