[thelist] search engine friendly menu "script"

Info@internetvraagbaak.nl info at internetvraagbaak.nl
Fri Apr 28 03:46:11 CDT 2006


Searching for a neat, clean and not disturbing the SearchEngine Menu "script" is did not really find what i was looking for.
So many really rubbish javascript dhtml stuff that would fill my page with code but that is not what i would like to see.
I am building my website using CSS en DIV only with 100% valid html Strict coding. 

With a menu i mean a navigational menu ( vertical ) with parents and childs possible.
Something like: 

Applications ||

About Company X ||

When clicked on Applications the main Applications page opens where the menu is shown "open" like:
( || some small image block )
 Application ||

Content Management ||
Webshops ||
Real-Estate ||
Dating & Chat ||

Would be great if there is some possiblity to have a different image for the Active Topic.

** "ALL" is there for me with a system like Joomla and in time i will migrate my website using Joomla but i would really like to
have an menu like that for other websites too.


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