[thelist] Job website script

brother of cain brother.of.cain at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 16:31:31 CDT 2006

Hi. Can anyone suggest a script commercial or open source script that can allow me to start a job website where people can post resumes and employers can look through them? I've found some scripts during my search, but the developers of this one Diesel Job Site http://www.dieselscripts.com/diesel-job-site.html apparently are very interested in getting you database connection details, http://www.securityview.org/dieselscripts-or-how-a-small-company-is-making-the-errors-a-big-one-cant.html#comments and I have seen it myself, so they're definitely out of the question. 
So far I've found this:

http://www.softbizscripts.com/jobs-recruitment-script.php (which looks pretty good).

Any other scripts you could suggest?

Thank you.

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