[thelist] window.location to top of page

Ramya Balakumar ramya.balakumar at villanova.edu
Mon Jul 17 09:28:40 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I have an application with 2 pages, the query and results page...from 
the results page the user can click on the "back" link( which is at 
the bottom of the results page)to go back to the query page..bt i am 
using frames here so when the user clicks on "back" the user is taken 
to the query page bt to the bottom of the page.....how can i take the 
user to the top of the query page? Is it possible to do so using 
window.location? If so do i have use window.location onload? What 
would be the best way to take the user to the top of the page-- 
without adding any extra links like "go to top" etc...


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