[thelist] weekend tip - starting firefox with multiple tabs

Gavin Funabiki boyatomic at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 11:06:50 CDT 2006

Thanks for the tip, but just a little warning (for some readers might
not have realized this)

Earlier, I found a different way to get the same effect of loading up
multiple tabs in firefox upon startup.  I thought great, and proceeded
to set up 10 pages to start up along with firefox -- what a great way
to start the day.

Of course, everytime I started a new window in firefox (when I just
wanted one window with one tab), firefox would start up by loading
with ten tabs...

Instead, I put all of the pages I want to see in the morning in a
bookmark folder called "startup." In the morning, I go to the bookmark
folder called "startup" and select the "open in tabs" function.  A
little bit more of a pain in the morning, but I don't kick myself
everytime I start a new window now...


On 7/16/06, Ian Anderson <ian at zstudio.co.uk> wrote:
> M. Seyon wrote:
> > <tip type="starting firefox with multiple tabs">
> > ...
> > </tip>
> Nice tip - definitely going to try this
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