[thelist] problems with FTP

Nan Harbison nanharbison at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 10:00:31 CDT 2006

Hello Evolters,
Okay, this is weird. I was asked to take a look at and possibly fix a
website that sells customized stuff. The owner is losing hundreds of dollars
of sales because SOME of the orders are not getting through the system. I
**think** the orders are just sent as an email to the owner. SO it should be
fairly simple to send the contents of the form along in an email. I am on a
PC running Windows XP using Dreamweaver 8. The files seem to all be htm and
a few swf.
I logged into the website and started to download all of the files on the
website, and my computer completely crashed, I got the blue screen of death.
It said something like I had a new driver on the computer which was not
configured correctly. I had to shut down the computer the hard way. Not
thinking this was related to downloading website files, I restarted and
continued to download, I ended up doing this a few times and every single
time the computer crashed. I decided it might be Dreamweaver's ftp, which is
often a little flaky, so I used my very stable workhorse ftp program,
Ipswitch's WS FTP, and the same thing happened. I then tried downloading the
files on my backup computer, Windows XP home and Dreamweaver 4. I keep
getting error messages that it couldn't get the file or the connection was
lost or something.

Has this happened to anyone before and they figured out what was going on?
Are the files on the website corrupted or something?
And is this off topic? If so, I will try to think up a tip.

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