[thelist] problems with FTP

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Mon Jul 17 12:40:25 CDT 2006

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Subject: Re: [thelist] problems with FTP

> I have never used SSH/Telnet, are they available on Windows, or do I need to
> download a program to use them? The webhost told me I had to use ftp though,
> so maybe that rules out SSH/Telnet.

Some web hosts don't allow SSH/Telnet connections. (You don't really want people running around your server. ;-) But some do. Just ask. There are several SSH/Telnet programs for Windows. I have a commerical license for my use, but there are shareware / freeware versions available.

> If the files are corrupt, then wouldn't they be fixed once my client uploads
> the files again?

Not always. Sometimes you need to delete the corrupted file first, then upload. Other times, upload under a new name, delete the corrupted file, and then rename the new file.

> And if it is a failing hard drive, that is the domain of the webhost, right?

Yes. Make sure you have backups of everything!  They should be running some type of drive monitoring software. If not, encourage them to do so and check the results.

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