[thelist] Weird MS SQL Import from large CSV file...

Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 17 17:05:03 CDT 2006

Hi Anthony,

I had a similar issue (for 3 days) many years ago. Check out memory location 
and storage issues. My problem was an overflow issue. Try re-defining data 
fields to larger storages types. Use big integer and character types. Waste 
a lot of memory and see if that has an effect.


>I'm helping someone  I work with track down a weird "bug/feature" in MS 
>SQL. We have a 27 MB export file from "elsewhere" that is in a comma 
>seperate format. When we run the following code via SQL at line 86214 nulls 
>start appearing in the phone number and source column .
>	create table #tempa
>	(
>		phone_idx int IDENTITY(1,1),
>		phone_nbr varchar(10),
>		source varchar(50)
>	)
>	insert into #tempa (phone_nbr, source)
>	select * from OpenRowset('MSDASQL', 'Driver={Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt; 
>	DefaultDir=\\path\to\directory\;',
>	'select * from source_file.csv')
>	select min (phone_idx) from #tempa where phone_nbr is null
>All the records in the CSV file "load" with no errors. But starting with 
>line 86214, the nulls start appearing. This number appears to be a 
>"universal" constant, if we remove lines before or after this line number - 
>the error appears at the same Identity number: 86214.
>The machine running MS SQL has 2 GBs RAM, 700+ MB free. 50 GBs of free hard 
>drive space. And the msdb database is about 250 MBs in size, log file is 
>small and not imposing.
>Any clues are most welcome.
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