[thelist] Accented characters inconsistencies

Dan CRACIUN dcsquare at myrealbox.com
Tue Jul 18 07:00:21 CDT 2006

Christy Collins wrote:
> I have a website that was built in English that I am translating into  
> German.  For most of the pages, I have copied and pasted the German  
> translations from a MS Word document over the old English pages with  
> no problem.  I have one page that is not displaying accented  
> characters correctly.  It is exactly the same as the other pages as  
> far as I can tell.  Does anyone have any idea what may be causing  
> this - and even better - how to fix it?

> correct:
> http://www.loudjoy.com/Athanor_de/
> incorrect:
> http://www.loudjoy.com/Athanor_de/produkte.html
> only the navigation, title and first header are translated
> Thanks,
> Christy

The problem is in the code:
correct: "<li>100% natürliche Wirkstoffe </li>"
wrong: "<h1>Natur hŠlt jung</h1>"

Copy /paste again the text, or if that doesn't work, copy/paste it into 
a plain text file first, to remove any formatting from Word.


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