[thelist] CSS layout changes

John DeStefano john.destefano at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 10:02:41 CDT 2006

The folks at this site have asked for my help with ideas to clean up
and revamp their pages.  I came up with the attached design in
conjunction with the headers that you helped me to fix a few months
ago.  As you'll see in the attachment, there are a few problems that
jump out that I can't seem to figure out (although if you find
even more, and I'd be glad to hear about them as well):

- In three places in the layout (top of page, between red and maroon
header stripe, between maroon stripe and main content), an unwanted,
horizontal, white buffer of about 30px is being inserted.  I would
like there to be a very small buffer (maybe 2px) between the red &
maroon stripes, but there shouldn't be any buffer at all in the other
two areas.

- I've tried to set a 1px border around the main content (etvlogMain).
In Firefox, this border does not display, but IE displays it.

- In Firefox, the last of the set of five radio buttons comes out just
off-center; in IE, all the radio buttons appear centered.

- In the Login section, because the two field labels are of different
lengths, I tried to right-align the text fields to make them appear more
uniform.  My implementation didn't work in either browser.

If anyone has a moment to let me know where I'm screwing up, I'd greatly
appreciate it.

Thanks very much,

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