[thelist] ASP.NET: For Each Item In...

Casey Crookston caseyc at IntelliSoftmn.com
Tue Jul 18 12:56:28 CDT 2006

(Good grief - I replied to the wrong thread.  Sorry for the mix up...)

Thanks Anthony,

This gave me a good start.  Here's the code I'm now using:

        Dim loop1 As Integer
        Dim arr1() As String
        Dim coll As NameValueCollection

        ' Load Form variables into NameValueCollection variable.
        coll = Request.Form

        ' Get names of all forms into a string array.
        arr1 = coll.AllKeys
        For loop1 = 0 To arr1.GetUpperBound(0)
            lbl_submit.Text &= arr1(loop1) & "<br>"
        Next loop1

Which returns the id's of each item in the form.  Now I need to play
around and figure out how to return the values...


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