[thelist] [Javascript] unobtrusive scripting, rollovers and IE7, oh my!

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Tue Jul 18 19:31:18 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm working with unobtrusive scripting for the first time in order to get a lot of extraneous cruft out of my markup.

I have a test page here:

I'm using Scott Andrew's attachEvent code (http://www.scottandrew.com/weblog/articles/cbs-events), which is working fine. It's my home-grown rollover code that is throwing the error.

Opera and FF both process the rollover code without error, but IE6 and 7 give me this error:

'this.src is null or not an object'

I've played with things as much as I can, but it seems I need a bigger brain to help here.

The function code is:
function imageRoll() {
	if(this.src.indexOf('-over.jpg') != -1){

		this.src = this.src.substr(0, this.src.indexOf('-over.jpg'));
		this.src = this.src+'.jpg';

	else {
		this.src = this.src.substr(0, this.src.indexOf('.jpg'));
		this.src = this.src+'-over.jpg';

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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