[thelist] plz help with Getrows()

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Wed Jul 19 10:26:00 CDT 2006

Best to look at a bit more code. You say this is "looping". I would assume that it's looping on the rsCatagoryList record set, correct? If not - make sure that you are moving through that record set correctly.

Setup some response writes, so that you print out what is contained in mid(rsCatagoryList("ID"),2,36) for each loop. Also print out your SQL (strSQL1)  and verify it's setup correctly for each loop.

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Subject: [thelist] plz help with Getrows()

> I am using this code to convert a SQL recordset rsServiceList1 to an 
> array for comparison.
> Set rsServiceList1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
> strSQL1 = "Select * from Services where catagoryid = " & "'" &  
> mid(rsCatagoryList("ID"),2,36) & "'" & " order by name "
> rsServiceList1.Open strSQL1, ResourceCatalogDBConn   
> rsServiceList1 could contain 4 or up to 20 rows. Example - ID,Name for 
> each row. The first time it returns the correct amount of 4.
> The problem is that this repeats 12 times and it only returns 4 every time.
> DBServicesArray1 = rsServiceList1.GetRows
> Please Advise.
> thanks

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