[thelist] was whitespace around form in firefox now OT rant

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Wed Jul 19 23:59:05 CDT 2006

Mark Wrote:"> What is the correct css to remove this space ?

The correct way is to realize it's the year 2006 and CSS has been a spec
since 2001, add a doctype, get rid of those tables for layout and and
make it validate.

btw, amazing in this day and age to see HTML mark-up so ancient on a
Supposedly new site."

Yes I have a lot to learn and would have appreciated less sarcasm in your

Btw it's amazing how much I have seen the list change in the last 5 years I
have been lurking, back in those days there were hardly ever any digs at
people who posted code which wasn't cutting edge or silly newbie questions.
Just useful help written in a friendly helpful way.  There are some posters
on this list who reply in such a high and mighty manner that I think I am
probably not the only one who thinks twice before posting because of the
flack, the lectures and the tirades that a simple question then brings forth
and then having to spend the whole night, the precious little time I have to
work, writing email to defend myself. 

Some replies I got pointed out other things I need to look at - and I didn't
take these as criticism, I will heed their advice and go and look up and
learn what they suggest to make my coding better - isn't that the point of
this list ? I know it was when I joined in the good old days of when Rudy
was a regular poster. No one was slammed, everyone seemed to enjoy helping
others. Sometimes now I think some of you get off on pointing out if
someone's code is bad. What a shame the list is losing someone like Volkan
for a while - now there is someone who reminds me of the days when the list
began - always helpful, always polite, always one to suggest a solution
without being condescending or critical.

Some of us are not lucky enough to have the time to spend all day working on
websites and learning everything that is new so quickly. I for one look
after 2 kids for 14 hours every day before I even turn on my computer. Yes I
try to keep up and every week I try to learn something new to keep up with
ever changing standards but you try doing that after you've just put in a
full 14 hours work and you will see it's not that easy. People like myself
want to learn, want to change our coding but it takes us time and I don't
take kindly to the manner in which you replied. And before anyone says I am
being oversensitive I got replies off list from others that had noted your
rudeness. Fellow listees please think before you hit send, does your email
help or does your answer have undertones of contempt for others efforts, if
so then think before you hit that button.

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