[thelist] was whitespace around form in firefox now OT rant

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Thu Jul 20 06:51:52 CDT 2006

Matt wrote:
> rudeness. Fellow listees please think before you hit send, does your email
> help or does your answer have undertones of contempt for others efforts

These aren't mutually exclusive. If you're really here to learn, I would
try to take things less personally. Often times the people with the
strongest opinions are the leaders in their area."

And I totally agree with that last statement, but that doesn't give you the
excuse to be rude, sarcastic or show contempt for other posters. I post
questions to the list as an utter last resort after googling, searching the
archives and then trying all the code suggestions already discussed. Only
then do I post. I don't want to waste people's time and I am the first to
admit my coding needs improvement and I know the scrutiny that it will come
under here. Hell I would never ask for a site review LOL there would be many
people wanting me burned at the stake for my still use of tables! Many of us
don't work in offices where we can ask some one with a fresh set of eyes to
take a look at our work, I have no other web contacts other than this list
to ask for help. Sometimes it just takes someone not connected 5 minutes to
have a quick look and the problem I have been working on for the last 3
hours glares at them without them even blinking.

My point really was about how I feel the list has deteriorated in the years
I have been on it in the way that people respond, I am generalizing here of
cause, there are many helpful people on this list. I have had many replies
some off list which defended Mark but they put their point of view politely
and with no sarcasm or condemnation and for which I read them a few times
and are inclined to heed the advice that they gave, on the other hand it was
interesting to receive many off list replies from people that feel the same
way that I do. So maybe that is food for thought. There are people out there
too intimidated to post in fear of the backlash or can of worms that their
post may bring forth.

As one fellow evolter wrote to me: " if you want to help people, the
attitude of the teacher is just as important as the technical information
being imparted." I just could not agree more and with that I think this
matter can be put to bed, no need to waste more time over it.


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