[thelist] was whitespace around form in firefox now OT rant

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Thu Jul 20 08:47:10 CDT 2006

On Thu, 2006-07-20 at 12:59 +0800, Birdie wrote:
> Mark Wrote:"> What is the correct css to remove this space ?
> The correct way is to realize it's the year 2006 and CSS has been a spec
> since 2001, add a doctype, get rid of those tables for layout and and
> make it validate.
> btw, amazing in this day and age to see HTML mark-up so ancient on a
> Supposedly new site."
> Yes I have a lot to learn and would have appreciated less sarcasm in your
> reply. 

Email is hard enough to get a tone of voice inflection in it, would have
thought you've been on this list long enough not to take it so
personally, sorry.

Although your mark-up didn't validate and was missing a doctype, I gave
you a solution to your problem, two of them.



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