[thelist] CSS layout changes

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 10:11:49 CDT 2006

> <snip>Perhaps the most frustrating part about all this: Dreamweaver's
> preview shows the page almost precisely the way I'd like it to look.
> Do you use DW for CSS-based layouts?  Are there any good alternatives
> for WinXP systems?</snip>

Don't trust any editor preview! They all have shifty eyes and WILL
steal your silver when you turn your back on them. If you want to see
what the page looks like in a browser - use a browser. Homesite is OK,
as it does use the MSIE rendering engine. Dreamweaver internally uses
a different one (I think opera based initially but now totally
bespoke) so don't trust it (again, think of your silver, probably also
your kidneys).

Chris Heilmann
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