[thelist] was whitespace around form in firefox now OT rant

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Jul 20 11:15:35 CDT 2006

> How about encouraging those who ask questions that have been answered
> a lot in the past  to use the archive for search instead by posting
> links? I seriously consider looking in the archives not "something
> that doesn't hurt" but common courtesy.

absolutely! it works both ways. 

you use the word 'encouraging' - that's the right word, and carries the
right spirit. should someone be inconsiderate enough to post a question
that's been asked google (the number, not the website) times,
'encouraging' them to try to find their own answer first is exactly the
right response. RTFM, RTFA, RTFW are all anti-community - not just
evolt.org, but the web dev community as a whole. those who answer
questions here have tacitly accepted the responsibilities of community


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