[thelist] further info (d'oh! was RE: SQL aggregation ignorance)

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Jul 20 13:22:55 CDT 2006

um, that would be MySQL on a Windows box, using VBScript/classic ASP for
the front end.


so for DATEPART I should be looking at DAY(date), MONTH(date), etc.

question still stands, though: does this make sense? any pointers?

sorry and thanks and whatever


> I can't fathom how to do this without multiple trips to the database,
> which irks me.
> For reports for our call center, I need to retrieve a 
> recordset grouped
> by Rep's Name, then by status, then by date. Results need to be
> something like this:
>     http://www.spinhead.com/GetRowsSample.html
> I can't fathom how to get the results aggregated (counts, sums, and
> averages) by date.
> What I'm doing right now is looping through each name, 
> getting the stats
> for each status for each date. For a full month I'm running 253
> individual queries (11 reps, 23 business days in May, for instance.)
> It's so very wrong.
> Somehow seems like grouping by DATEPART should be my answer, but the
> thick film of sludge over my brain refuses to part.
> thanks much
> joel
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