[thelist] was rant - FAQ/resources for oft-asked questions

Dean Mah dean.mah at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 13:33:32 CDT 2006

On 7/21/06, Matt Warden <mwarden at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Christian Heilmann wrote:
> >> As well, if you or someone else wants to write a brief specification on how
> >> the imagined < faq > tag is to work, I can try to convince the tip harvester
> >> to modify itself to parse and present them.
> >
> > I propose
> >
> > <faq author="foo" version="1" id="1">
> >   <question>What's the best cheese then?</question>
> >   <answer>Wensleydale, Gromit, Wensleydale</answer>
> > </faq>
> >
> > That would allow us to overwrite outdated versions by setting a higher
> > version count.
> How would you keep me from changing your perfectly valid FAQ to
> <faq author="foo" version="2" id="1">
>   <question>What's the best cheese then?</question>
>   <answer>h4x0rz r00l do0d</answer>
> </faq>

We would track you down and disconnect your tube to the Internet.

In talking with the tip harvester maintainer, it was suggested that
versions of the answer be saved with a clear revision history so that
you could rollback.  As well, only members of thelist would be able to
change posts and anyone abusing the system would be humiliated to the
best of my ability.


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