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Demers, Scott scott.demers at cudenver.edu
Fri Jul 21 14:35:13 CDT 2006

Hi, all -


I've been reviewing Peter-Paul Koch's script for manipulating forms with
the DOM:




In a companion article
ing> , Peter-Paul says that this method is superior to the typical DHTML
method of manipulating the "display" style. . Yet, what his script
ultimately does is replace all form elements that need to be hidden with
a cloned element that has the style "diplay:none", whilst moving all of
the original elements to a "waiting room" ( a hidden table at the bottom
of the page). Now maybe it's because I'm relatively new to DOM
scripting, or maybe I'm just dense, but this seems to me a convoluted
way of doing exactly what he says he trying to avoid. Why not just use
DHTML? Replacing an element with a clone that has "diplay:none"  seems
unnecessary. All I want is a robust set of functions that remove/replace
form elements dynamically using all the best ECMA/DOM practices. Any





Scott DeMers



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