[thelist] removing line feed and carriage return characters incoldfusion

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Fri Jul 21 17:55:07 CDT 2006

Can't see how this affects CFMAIL.

If anybody can I'd be keen to look into it further.

If you're going to replace CRLF you should use replacenocase(string, 
replace_string, "ALL")  as regex replaces are slower
 than a straight replace, and I think case is irrelevant with CRLF.

 the CF for CRLF is "'#chr(10)##chr(13)#"...  this should work for REReplace

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> In my reading about how to prevent email header injection attacks, I've
> seen many references to removing the following new line characters:
> \n and %0A - line feed
> \r and %0D - carriage return
> Unfortunately all the articles I found were specific to PHP, so I'm not
> quite sure how to translate this into ColdFusion. Here's what I was
> thinking:
> <cfif REFindNoCase("[\n#Chr(10)#\r#Chr(13)#]", Form.Email)>
> But I'm really not sure if Chr(10) is equivalent to %0A (or, for that
> matter, why checking for \n and \r isn't enough). Suggestions?
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