[thelist] Multiple Clipboard Utilities for Windows XP

jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Tue Aug 1 10:05:04 CDT 2006

I am looking for recommendations for a good Multiple Clipboard Utility for
Windows XP.  There is a great one called PopCopy [0] but it is for Mac OS
X only.  I'd really like to find one for XP so that I can speed up the
process of copying/updating multiple pieces of text across a bunch off

Features I'd like to have:
1. store text, images, screenshots, and files/folders in the clipboard
2. keyboard shortcut to access and shuffle through current clipboard content
   e.g.: press SHIFT + ALT + V to pop up clipboard content and use <-- and
   --> to shuffle through the clipboard's content.

[0] http://www.popcopy.net/PopCopy.html
--> this is perfect, see the video demo for exaclty what it is I am looking
    for on Windows XP.

Anybody have on they are happy wiht on XP?


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