[thelist] em's , CSS, aol - etc

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Tue Aug 1 10:25:52 CDT 2006

This is where it gets a little muddy for me - the 
relationship/inter-relationship between IE and AOL.  I can test all 
sorts of browsers and common screen resolutions on either my linux or 
windows pc, and with the safaritest site I can even get a safari 
snapshot.  I have no personal need for AOL and little/no understanding 
of it. I read one of the previous replies talking about a bug with fonts 
in EMs( http://css-discuss.incutio.com/?page=UsingEms ).  On my windows 
pc running IE6, my site and others I've developed using EMs are fine. 

When with the client yesterday (her looking over my shoulder), I didn't 
think to check the version of IE (I was in a state of shock).  What I 
saw was AOL, unfamiliar territory, unfamiliar drop downs, no drop down 
with a text resize option or the other options I'm used to, a very old 
and dismal monitor set to 800x600.

CSS drop-down menus on my site and another I checked were failing (good 
thing for sitemaps...).  Of all the oddities that were breaking, I have 
an xhtml compliant javascript slideshow - that was "working".

Certainly with a little more knowledge of AOL, I/we would be in better 
shape, even better prepared to ask the right questions. Without going 
far out of the way to set up a test environment for this situation type, 
again, how much can (or should) you reasonably prepare for, development 
standards wise ( if xyz version of IE do this...) and how do you set 
reasonable expectations for customers? 

Yes I could have brought my laptop for some pieces of the demo, but this 
doesn't work well with databases.  I would have to routinely sync up a 
database on my laptop.   I also like to give my clients some time to 
show me sites that interest them.  Bits and pieces...


Lee kowalkowski wrote:
> On 31/07/06, Bob Meetin <ontheroad at frii.com> wrote:
>> yet not knowing the AOL browser, I could
>> not figure out how to reset the font, and not sure that I should
>> anyhow.
> I don't know about every past-carnation of AOL, but the ones I have
> seen basically use IE's DLLs, so, what version of IE was installed?

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